Differences between Workshops and Keynotes

Our workshops will be more hands-on with the specific businesses in the room. This should be limited to groups of 15 business owners or less in order to be as impactful as possible.

Keynote speaking engagements

will cover similar content, but will be more general rather than specific to the individual businesses of the audience.

  • Unified Marketing Strategy - formal presentation of the Unified Marketing Strategy concept and how to go about implementing it in your own firm. The presentation is based on the contents of Unified Marketing Strategy, written by Jimmy LaSalle
  • Personal Success Strategies - We review theories of personal success, encourage individuals to model their own theory, discuss the mapping of goals in all areas of the individual’s life, and for different blocks of time. We provide suggested activities and discuss potential modifications in behavior to adapt to a lifestyle that is more likely to provide the outcomes desired.
  • Advertising & Marketing 101+ - This is our basic advertising and marketing training. It is geared towards small and mid-sized business and covers basic advertising and marketing information.
  • Marketing & Advertising Planning - This in-depth presentation briefly explains the Advertising & Marketing 101 concepts and then builds on that information. We go into great detail on identifying customer pain points, how to position your services as the solution to their potential problem to help business owners be able to create their own marketing and advertising plan
  • Business Analysis Workshop - Have access to your financial statements, sales reports, etc. ! It would be best for the business analysis to be completed prior to the workshop. If this is for a keynote lecture, then we will touch on the importance of identifying the data, the purpose in thinking in this strategic manner, and how to define what areas will require improvement to get to your desired state.
  • Steps of the Sale Workshop This is a very effective sales training program. We go through the steps of the sales process and work with the sales team to create better habits and instill more structure into their presentations. We will make your best sales people even better. We can do shorter workshops or presentations that focus on specific steps of our process: Needs Analysis, Presenting Solutions, Closing, and Overcoming Objections. (See below)
  • Probing / Needs Analysis (Sales) This workshop is a piece of the main Steps of the Sale Workshop. It focuses on uncovering the needs and/or pain points of prospects. We discuss the style of questions and how to build questions and gather information.
  • Presenting Solutions & Closing (Sales) This workshop is a piece of the main Steps of the Sale Workshop. In this module, we discuss how to best present a solution that is built off of the needs of the customer. Then, we teach your salespeople how to transition this solution and develop closing techniques that will help them generate more sales, and at a faster pace. If you want to reduce the amount of time that prospects spend on your sales pipeline and close the gap between presentation and close, this is the training to do.
  • Overcoming Objections and Closing (Sales) This workshop is a piece of the main Steps of the Sale Workshop. This module focuses on our Objection Handling Process. We review how to get to the root objection, which is the real reason that the prospect is not buying, then how to present your solution again and properly close the deal. It is a tried and true process that has helped thousands of sales people overcome injections, ourselves included!
  • Customer Experience Audit & Workshop What should the ideal customer experience be for your clients? We help you identify what is currently happening now, and then interject some little things that will be looked upon as BIG things in the eyes of the customer. We help you choreograph and put in place the exact processes and checkpoints that will not only increase customer retention, but improve on your closing rates and customer referrals.

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