As a business owner, you are in the midst of many challenges that force you to wear many hats. Sometimes you are wearing your marketing hat and trying to keep up with all the changes in the marketing and advertising world, while other times you are dealing with human resources, operations, sales, finance, or customer service.

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The problem most business owners face is finding the proper talent. If you hire a full time Chief Marketing Officer you will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your payroll unnecessarily. The other side of that is hiring someone with very little experience, and you need to tell them what to do and how you want it done.

Our Marketing Consulting Services give you the best of both of those situations. You get Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) talent, who knows how to run a business, create and manage marketing plans, deal with staff, and not have the huge expense associated with having that talent on your team.

What are Marketing Consulting Services?

Marketing Consulting Services are a variety of professional services provided by experienced and qualified marketing experts with a history of proven results. Oftentimes, businesses have in-house Marketing Departments that focus on implementing and executing Marketing plans. Marketing consultants on the other hand, are specialized in strategy, auditing, and analytics. Marketing is an essential component for any business that wants to reach both their short and long-term growth objectives. We believe that a successful marketing strategy must include:

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jimmy lasalle transparent img
  • Knowing the customer and their business. What are their pains and desires?
  • A full business analysis to provide an in depth report of the current status of your business and procedures.
  • What marketing campaigns are working today?
  • What resources are available? (talent and capacity, budget, tools, assets such as past webinars, ebooks & reports).
  • A new marketing plan that will yield the results you want.

A Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Strategy Consultant will design a marketing strategy tailored to your businesses needs and goals. This marketing strategy becomes the foundation of the marketing campaigns the marketing department will execute. We believe that every marketing strategy must be the “right fit” for the company and the brand or service they provide! The best Marketing Strategy Consultants will know how to strategize, design successful marketing plans, can train and inspire existing business leadership teams and see the overall “big-picture”. Your marketing strategy is the direction that your business is heading and how it gets there. A Marketing Strategy must take into account who the ideal customer is, how to acquire them, the acceptable cost for a new customer acquisition, where your ideal prospects are, and the ways your product/service/brand solve problems these prospects have. You can’t find new customers if you don’t know WHO they are! A Marketing Strategy Consultant will also be able to advise business owners on any additional resources they might need to successfully execute the new marketing strategy. This can include SEO or SEM experts, changes to an existing website or a new website design, a new logo, a graphic designer etc.

Advantages of Marketing Consulting Services

There are a number of advantages of a Marketing Consulting Service. Businesses are always trying to innovate and improve their products, services and even their teams. A Marketing Consulting Service brings in a fresh pair of eyes and extensive knowledge, experience and creativity. Business owners don’t always have the time or the resources to achieve all of their marketing goals. Marketing Consulting Services help you plan your marketing campaigns and define your objectives. They keep you and your team accountable by regularly keeping in touch to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals.

Some of the biggest advantages of a Marketing Consultant is that they provide independent and affordable advice. Every small business will inevitably have tipping points as they grow. Some problems will be easy to solve, others may require time and resources your business doesn’t have. THIS is where Marketing Consulting Services come in! They can swoop in and provide you much needed assistance to free up your time and concentrate on other things that need your attention.

There may not be a need or the budget for a full time Marketing team. When you hire a Marketing Consultant, you have the advantage of their wealth of experience they have gained across many industries! An experienced Marketing Consultant is well versed in all forms of marketing from print advertising and exhibitions through to the latest digital strategies and the best use of your data. Your Marketing Consultant will give you advice on what definitely works and what doesn’t provide a worthwhile return on your investment.

The advantages of a marketing consultant service include:

  • A reputable, qualified professional offering many years of marketing experience and knowledge gained from working in successful businesses.
  • More cost effective than employing a marketing manager.
  • Our Marketing Strategy Consultants all know the latest marketing trends and methods to save you time in research and trying other strategies that are less likely to yield the growth you want.
  • Ability to see the “Big-Picture”. Having a wider overview, as they are not consumed by the day to day issues surrounding your business.
  • Clear and precise goals and objectives. A Marketing Strategy Consultant will break down the effective marketing activities that will work best for your small business rather than you being overwhelmed by so many options.
  • A fresh pair of eyes will always provide a more objective opinion and suggest initiatives, detached from the emotional ties and pressures of running the business.
  • The benefit and cost efficiency of a short term commitment that can be utilized as and when required. You have the option of deciding when and if you need this resource.
  • A Marketing Strategy Consultant will assist in defining your exact target audience.

Why hire a Marketing Strategy Consultant?

A Marketing Strategy Consultant provides a service to businesses that enables them access to highly advanced marketing knowledge from a reliable source. Businesses tend to hire marketing strategy consultants based on urgent needs and short time notice.

It is drastically different from researching for an agency or marketing executive since the commitment here is considered a long-term one. The top benefits of a Marketing Strategy Consultant include:

  • Marketing consulting is an external resource that brings new opinions to the table of stakeholders. The third-party intervention can provide new interpretations of the situation and the marketing problems.
  • Marketing consulting allows a customizable approach without the need to sign a full commitment or spending budget on uncertain tracks.
  • Consultants can offer critical contributions such as extensive market research and analysis to help in setting the business objectives. Businesses tend to start building marketing teams from scratch and depend on hiring a marketing director or a digital agency that can run all these tasks.

Why should my business use a consultant?

Diagnose Challenges and Define Areas for Improvement: You need to understand why the current situation will not get you to where you want to be. A complete business assessment and SWOT Analysis should be done before starting any new initiatives.

Create a new strategy: The Marketing landscape is always changing. A good Marketing Consultant will always know the pulse of the marketing industry.

Establishing a new market: The problem of expanding to a new market requires a local expert. It is associated with competitive analysis and gaining an understanding of the target consumer.

Underperforming marketing: Initially, the most popular factor is the decline in leads and ineffective conversion rate. In other cases, the problem relies on generating quality traffic for the website and across digital media channels.

Sourcing new vendors: Sometimes your existing team or vendors get stale. New hands may be needed to fulfill some of the strategy initiatives. Our Marketing Strategy Consultants have built a vast network of vendors that deal with companies of all different sizes.

Monitoring cost per acquisition: senior management and marketing directors often face a challenge in monitoring the efficiency of advertising spend. Paid channels’ efficiency and campaign planning are among the top factors that affect the marketing dollar and ROI. For companies who are heavily spending on Google Ads and other paid channels such as Programmatic Display and Facebook Ads, this is a crucial issue. A marketing strategy consultant will audit the marketing channels effectively and enhance the lower-funnel metrics such as CPC, CPA, ROAS, and CLV.

Social Media Marketing: It is commonly known that social media is a highly competitive marketing channel. Businesses tend to investigate the performance of their social media channels. This problem is usually associated with the need to increase the reach and improve brand communication.

SEO and Organic Traffic: The need for a higher rank in organic results brought SEO into one of the top priorities in marketing activities. Companies are always facing high competition in the organic rank and looking for experienced SEO consultants. Our Marketing Strategy Consultants will drill down and make sure the target phrases are the best for your long term success.

Technical: Commonly, technical problems can vary from simple troubleshooting to the more complex. In some cases, a marketing consultant is required for a massive audit or setting up a marketing automation plan. One of the major needs is conducting research of the marketing tech stack and providing effective recommendations of tools that fit the marketing needs. Our Marketing Strategy Consultants know all the latest tools and applications in the space.

Marketing Analytics: Collecting and analyzing marketing data is often a challenge for companies. Senior managers are always having issues with monitoring marketing performance and tracking data. As companies move towards data-driven marketing, the main concern is not only in collecting reports but also to hire consulting services who can provide them with sleek and highly reliable dashboards. Good Marketing Strategy Consultants know which programs are right for you.

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