JLaSalle creates and delivers a Unified Marketing Strategy for our clients. Our solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play. First, we identify your unique business and marketing challenges by determining your current state vs. your desired state by doing a complete business analysis.

From there we put together a marketing and sales strategy to get you from point A to your desired point B.

Our experience and understanding of what is needed to have a successful business allows us to develop a marketing plan that’s connected to your business, creates growth, and prepares you to better work on the business, rather than in the day to day grind.

In order for your business to compete and thrive, you need to evolve your marketing strategies. We help you create a structure that is made up of systems, we help you manage your vendors and ensure they are the proper partners for you, and we set up the proper measurement tools to hold everyone accountable. That includes us!


First, our team will gain an understanding of your overall business by doing a complete business analysis. The marketing plan comes after we identify where you are vs. where you want to be.

We create a list and prioritize what needs to get done immediately. Sometimes we can get you some quick victories with minor tweaks! Then, we will develop a custom growth strategy based on where you want to get to, your offerings, and your marketplace. Then, we will organize your sales processes and operations to make sure everything is working together and you are providing your customers with a great experience.

Our Marketing Consulting Services Will:

  • Determine baseline performance minimums
  • Determine proper budget allocations based on mathematical facts
  • Help you better forecast and manage incoming leads
  • Spotlight the proper KPIs for the upcoming year based off your shared goals
  • Direct the implementation of the agreed upon plan
  • Regularly advise you and your internal team
  • Hold the current vendors accountable or sourcing additional vendors for comparison

We’ll regularly review performance, setting benchmarks and adjusting the plan as needed. Our custom dashboard will bring the most important KPIs to the forefront so that knowledgeable decisions can be made to optimize performance and grow your business.

Services may also include the following or other custom solutions.

  • Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Traditional and Brand Marketing
  • Vendor Reviews and Management
  • Tracking and Analysis
  • Reporting and Regular Reviews
  • Media Evaluations
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Brand Development or Consolidation
  • Reputation Management and Monitoring
  • Sales Training and Call Center Alignment
  • Multi-Location Strategy
  • Assist in Recruiting Talent and Vendors
  • And More!

Our Marketing Consulting clients get not just one Chief Marketing Officer with Jim LaSalle, but access to our entire team’s network’s knowledge and skills. Our team is composed of top experts in marketing and our experience collectively covers every aspect of the marketing world.

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