With our busy schedule we are able to accommodate only a handful of engagements each month. We are able to discuss potential projects regularly, map out what would be involved and set it up for the soonest possible time. Some of these are more involved than others, but here is a summary of the most common needs.

Full Unified Marketing Engagement

unified marketing strategy

Some of these can be done remotely, but it is best if done on site, with the proper people in the room, and without distraction.

  • We do a complete business assessment, identify your current state, and map to your desired state. We ask next level questions and drill down in each area of marketing, sales, operations.
  • We create a marketing and advertising plan, and can execute the plan for you.
  • We review and update your sales collateral, provide all sales training and workshops listed below, and choreograph the sales force to the “new way” of identifying needs and presenting solutions.
  • With operations, we map out policies, procedures, train, and follow up with the key people within your organization.
  • We document all policy, procedures, and training initiatives so that they can be used as a reference, or in onboarding future hires.
unified marketing strategy

Marketing Plan Creation & Execution

consulting marketing plan creation

marketing Officer for your firm. We dig into the Marketing, Advertising, and Sales initiatives of clients. We can do this as either a short term or ongoing engagement, depending the needs of the client.

  • Perform a formal assessment of your current marketing and advertising initiatives
  • Identify what is working, what is not, and come up with the best way to position your firm to achieve the goals put forth. This may include some sales initiative as well.
  • Formalize the Marketing and Advertising Plan with you
  • We execute the plan and report back on a regular basis, provide access to reports and dashboards
consulting marketing plan creation

Advertising Audit and Media Plan Creation

consulting advertising audit
  • Assess current advertising initiatives
  • Identify what is working and what is not
  • Creation of new media / advertising plan
  • Execute the new advertising plan and provide detailed reporting
consulting advertising audit

Sales Audit & Strategy

consulting sales audit

We dig into all aspects of sales. Sales Reps, Management, and support.

  • We review Budgets, Quotas, Manpower, Compensation, Training, Sales Materials, and Sales Management.
  • We identify the current state of your sales department vs where you desire it to be.
  • We look at past and present sales structure and sales training initiatives, and update to marry up with both the long term and short term goals of the organization.
  • We make recommended adjustments to current sales structure on all items in point one. This can be a short term or ongoing engagement.
consulting sales audit

Operations Audit & Efficiency Plan

consulting operations audit

When a piece of business comes through the door through sales, or literally walks in the door, what is supposed to happen? Is this documented? Is this scripted? It should all be!

We come in and assess every department, processes, procedures, complete an audit for review along with suggestions to be implemented. We discuss ideal efficiency and what that could look like.

As an added option, we can work with the team in place to implement for you and train the staff on any new processes and procedures that are going to be required going forward.

consulting operations audit

Prep your Company to be Sold

marketing consulting company

Many business owners wish for their companies to one day be sold and retire to do whatever it is they choose to do. Unfortunately, they do not prepare for their company to be acquired and either end up not selling, or more likely, when motivated to sell, they do not get a fair amount for their business and years of hard work.

In order to sell your business and get maximum value, it needs to run efficiently for a period of time. Likely 2-3 years minimum.

Many people wait until the last minute to start preparing. This is something that every business owner should consider doing WHEN THEY ARE NOT LOOKING TO SELL!

marketing consulting company

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