Why Hire JLaSalle for Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Services?

A Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is an attractive alternative for many mid-sized businesses. As a business owner, you are in the midst of many challenges that force you to wear many hats. Sometimes you are wearing your marketing hat and trying to keep up with all the changes in the marketing and advertising world, while other times you are dealing with human resources, operations, sales, finance, or customer service. Our Fractional CMO Services will help take some of those responsibilities off your plate.

Our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer / Fractional CMO Services do just that - we take the weight of putting together the marketing strategy by yourself off of you and onto our team. We do a complete business assessment, we work with you to put together the very best marketing strategy for your goals, and oversee the implementation of your marketing strategy with your existing vendors, or we will help you replace them with our vast network of marketing professionals, if that is what is required.

Instead of looking to hire a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) you should speak to us first. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when you can hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at a fraction of the price.

We currently limit our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer / Fractional CMO Services to twenty total engagements as we want to be sure to provide the very best services possible. We do not need to be spread as thin as you! Our team of Fractional CMO Professionals will deal with no more than four clients each. Jimmy LaSalle oversees all of the members of the Fractional CMO Team and is involved in the strategies for each.

When to hire a Chief Marketing Officer

You hire a Chief Marketing Officer who can fulfill a number of different roles within a company. A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) typically works alongside the head of sales. When you hire a Chief Marketing Officer, they will be responsible for driving growth. Essentially, a Chief Marketing Officer will work to grow the company’s base of users/customers, increasing revenue and profits, driving engagement and retention, and continuously update a marketing strategy that will allow your business to reach its goals.

As a business owner, the first thing you should do is to look at your data in order to make an informed decision on what type of a Chief Marketing Officer your company needs before hiring one. One of the benefits of using a Fractional chief marketing officer, is that they are hired to fix a particular problem or set of problems, work with your existing team to do so, and/or set up your team for success by bringing on the right talent, or finding the proper vendor to outsource to. Another benefit of hiring a Fractional chief marketing officer is that you are not taking on a huge salary. You are paying a fractional amount of the cost for a Chief Marketing Officer but reaping the full benefits of having one for your company. You want to hire a Chief Marketing Officer that has the qualities to fix your business’ most central need. Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer with years of experience is expensive. Using a fractional Chief Marketing Officer or fractional CMO Services allows you to get the benefit of years of experience at a fraction of the cost! An experienced Chief Marketing Officer will be able to spot the talents and abilities of your current team and utilize them efficiently to execute your new marketing strategy.

Knowing when you need to hire a Chief Marketing Officer is critical. Analyze your data and evaluate your team. Is your business where you want it to be? Can it get to where you want it to go with your current team and marketing strategy? Are you looking for a fresh pair of eyes and someone who can bring new and creative ideas to the table? If the answer to that last question is yes, it is time to hire a Chief Marketing Officer. More likely, you need to work with a fractional chief marketing officer. Engaging with JLaSalle for Fractional CMO Services will give you the best of both worlds. Contact us today and learn about our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Program and Fractional CMO Services.

Benefits of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer

While there are a number of benefits of hiring a fractional chief marketing officer, the biggest benefit is having an experienced individual in both marketing and business to create a new marketing strategy that will give your company a competitive advantage without the high cost of fully employing one. Hiring a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer allows the C-Level Executives within the company to focus on other areas of the business that require their attention. Fractional CMO Services are a growing trend as you get the benefits of a TEAM of professionals with different perspectives and creative abilities. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer will not only create the new marketing strategy, but ensure that everything is being implemented properly; from ads to analytics. When a business hires a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, they can expect to see immediate benefits. We are experts at diagnosing and creating the proper strategy by using our proven formula. The biggest benefit of a fractional chief marketing officer is knowing you can use the balance of the salary you would have paid toward other marketing and advertising initiatives.

When the CEO is maxed out and things start slipping through the cracks, it is time to bring on some help. You do not necessarily need to hire a Chief Marketing Officer, you should explore engaging a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Fractional CMO Services allow you to get the best talent, without the price tag.

Is it time to hire a Chief Marketing officer, or is the outsourced chief marketing officer the way to go? Find out if our Fractional CMO Services are the right move for your company!

Frequently asked Questions

A Fractional chief marketing officer is an outsourced, experienced executive who provides marketing strategy services to a business. They function as a chief marketing officer without your company having to commit to a full-time, in-house one. A benefit of hiring a Fractional CMO is being able to get started right away with strategic marketing initiatives. Sometimes referred to as CMO-as-a-service, Fractional CMOs are still as equally committed to the company they are working for with leadership, development and execution. Fractional CMOs have executive leadership experience and will take your company into new markets, launch new products, and develop an effective marketing strategy to generate growth.

A Fractional CMO will help empower your business with strategic planning and development, with leadership and knowledge. When you hire a Fractional CMO you get the expertise that you would expect from a highly experienced chief marketing officer. If you are ready to grow or you are growing faster than you can keep up with, hire a Fractional CMO.

The Fractional CMO’s responsibilities can vary depending on your company’s goals, resources and challenges. But just like a chief marketing officer, your Fractional CMO will be responsible for all of the marketing in your organization which can include managing stakeholders and the marketing team.

When you hire a Fractional CMO, they will be responsible for driving growth. Essentially, they will work to grow the company’s base of users or customers, increasing revenue and profits, driving engagement and retention, and continuously updating a marketing strategy that will allow your business to reach its goals.

Some of the typical responsibilities could include:

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies to create a stronger competitive advantage
  • Find opportunities in the markets that fit your company’s products and services
  • Position your brand to optimize the perceived value
  • Convert customers and drive brand loyalty
  • Create demand through awareness, your online presence and promotion strategies
  • Convert marketing from an expense into a revenue driver
  • Develop paid search and organic search marketing

There are a multitude of reasons to hire an Outsourced or Fractional CMO. Consider these reasons to see if it matches what you are looking for:

  • You are looking to invest in a new marketing function
  • You are interested in getting an independent, outside perspective on your business
  • You don’t have the time or money to look for a chief marketing officer
  • You are spending too much time on marketing duties rather than your CEO responsibilities
  • You need to create innovative strategies and plans for your brand, products and promotions
  • You want a new perspective focused on the big picture to achieve your goals and create sustainable growth
  • You need to develop a strong competitive advantage
  • You need to improve marketing operations and processes
  • You have an existing marketing team that needs executive level guidance and leadership

This list doesn’t cover all the reasons your business might need a Fractional CMO, so we would be happy to discuss with you more. We are dedicated to your business and its growth. We will do a complete business assessment and work with you to put together the very best marketing strategy for your goals. We will oversee the implementation of your marketing strategy with your existing vendors, or we will help you replace them with our vast network of marketing professionals, if that is what is required. Our leader Jimmy LaSalle oversees all of the members of the Fractional CMO team and is involved in the strategies for each. We bring experience, leadership and results.

Fractional CMO services will drive business growth. Marketing drives growth, and strategy drives marketing. The formation of any business begins with marketing strategies that help determine what the business will offer, why the offering is better than competitors, where the product or services will be offered, and how to create awareness of the business offerings.

But that’s just the start. Your business needs to grow in order to continue, and that can be the real challenge. In order to meet that challenge, you need innovative strategies, marketing expertise and an experienced leader to guide it. That is how a Fractional CMO will impact your business and help your business grow.

To ensure growth, your Fractional CMO will offer:

  • Strategic planning that includes research
  • Leadership dedicated to achieving results
  • A comprehensive marketing plan
  • Analysis and reporting to measure improvements and results
  • Development of resources to achieve your business goals

Growth happens by delivering an individualized message through multiple channels (and especially the ones that matter to your customers) that is aligned with your customers' needs.

It’s about building a relationship and creating loyalty. It’s a long term growth-focused strategy. And it’s a strategy that Fractional CMOs understand and champion.

Here’s some of the Fractional CMO tactics of growth-focused marketing strategy:

  1. Differentiation - a marketing strategy that creates a competitive advantage, then taking that advantage as a way to generate demand and sales.
  2. Increase demand - the strategy of increasing demand through awareness or promotion campaigns leading to increased sales.
  3. Brand perception - creating a brand that builds the perceived value of the product or services and connects with the targeted audience.
  4. Market alignment - finding or identifying the opportunities in markets that fit your brand and products or services then making it clear that you are the right choice.

An Outsourced CMO will work closely with your current marketing team to ensure the most effective and efficient use of your resources. An experienced CMO can bring a new level of knowledge and insight to your team, allowing for more comprehensive planning and execution. Our Fractional CMO can evaluate the current marketing strategy and make adjustments that better align with the company’s overall objectives. Additionally, they can suggest creative solutions to existing challenges or devise plans for potential future problems.

When it comes to implementation, an Outsourced CMO has experience in many different platforms, tools, and processes so they can advise your marketing team on how best to move forward. They can identify strengths and weaknesses in current operations so that any improvements or upgrades are well-suited to your needs. The Fractional CMO can also help create systems for measuring the success of each marketing campaign. This will give you and your team the ability to review what strategies work best for your business goals.

Finally, an Outsourced CMO should provide feedback on how the team is performing overall. They may suggest areas where the team needs additional training or assistance. Ultimately, their job is to help optimize your resources while also pushing each member of the marketing team towards professional growth and development. An Outsourced CMO can bring a fresh perspective to your current marketing team. They can provide guidance on setting up and refining marketing processes, help with identifying areas of opportunity, and contribute to crafting innovative strategies. An Outsourced CMO is a great resource for building capacity in the marketing department and within your team, helping create efficiencies and focus efforts in order to achieve objectives. Having our Fractional CMO work alongside your internal staff should prove mutually beneficial and produce great results.

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